Monday - Saturday 10am to 9pm

Sunday Noon to 6pm


Plenty of free parking is always available.


Paddock Shops is a pedestrian friendly shopping environment. Park your car and take a stroll around. You will find many exciting events, sales, and stores.


Solicitation of any kind is not permitted. In addition, Paddock Shops does not supply contact information for tenants to solicitors.

The Code of Conduct is our statement of activities and conduct deemed acceptable while visiting Paddock Shops . Click here for the full text.

Management Office

Our management office (502) 425 - 3441 is here to help you. We can provide directory maps and help with any general inquiries. We are located next to Omagi Salon.


For further Property Management information, please call Ms. Vivian Fields (312) 789-4686.


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Managed by Fairbourne Properties, LLC

Security Escorts

If you would like a security escort to your car, please call our security office at (502) 639 - 6278.


Numerous accessible parking spots are available throughout the shopping center


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